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Studio B is excited to announce our upcoming grand opening in late 2023 in Milford, DE! Founded in March of 2023, Studio B is thrilled to be embarking on a new journey and becoming a vibrant part of this wonderful community. Our vision is to blend the worlds of creativity and practicality by introducing a unique fusion of a commercial print shop and a creative maker studio space right here in Milford, Delaware with graphic design workstations, laser engraving capability, vinyl cutting stations, cozy creative nooks, art supplies and more.

At our core, we are driven by a passion for both artistic expression and functional design. We believe that the synergy between these two realms can lead to astonishing outcomes, and we're committed to providing a space where individuals, artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses can come together to bring their ideas to life.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are well-versed in the art of print production and the nuances of various creative mediums. With a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail, we're equipped to cater to a wide range of printing needs, from business materials to custom artworks. But we're not just a print shop – we're a space where imagination knows no bounds. Our art studio is designed to be a haven for artists of all levels, offering the resources and environment needed to nurture innovation.

Milford and its surrounding areas have a rich tapestry of artistic and entrepreneurial spirits, and we're thrilled to become a part of this vibrant fabric. We envision our space as more than just a business; it's a place where connections are forged, ideas are exchanged, and creativity flourishes. Through workshops, events, and collaborative projects, we aim to foster a sense of community that transcends the walls of our establishment.

As we prepare to open our doors, we invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. Whether you're a business owner seeking top-notch printing solutions or an artist looking for a space to bring your visions to life, we're here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Stay tuned for updates on our grand opening and get ready to experience a fusion of innovation, creativity, and community like never before.

Thank you for welcoming us into the heart of Milford. We can't wait to embark on this incredible journey together!


The Studio B Milford Team

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  • Precision Craftsmanship

    Our state-of-the-art laser cutting and engraving technology ensures the utmost precision in every detail. From intricate patterns to intricate text, we deliver exceptional quality.

  • Endless Possibilities

    Our versatility knows no bounds. Whether it's wood, acrylic, leather, glass, or more, we work with a variety of materials to cater to your diverse needs.

  • Fast Turnaround

    We know time is of the essence. Our efficient processes allow us to deliver your custom creations within a reasonable timeframe, without compromising on quality.